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Voice Recorder Pen BUY 1 GET 1 FREE ONLY TODAY

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  • Records great quality sound for 12 hours
  • Voice activation only gets conversations you want
  • The clip slides up/down to start recording
  • Picks up voices from 45 feet away
  • Listen & recharge by connecting to your computer
  • Works on all computers, no software required

Suggested Use

  • Getting Harassed? - If you are being harassed by your neighbors, co-workers, or family, nothing is better than this pen to help your case.
  • Job Interviews - Record your interview from either side for later review to improve your interviewing skills.
  • Home Movies  – Kids can be camera shy when they know they are being recorded, record them naturally to capture precious moments of goofiness and joy
  • Delivery Proof - If you deliver goods or food for a living it’s a sure way to prevent discrepancy by recording every delivery.
  • Customer Service Issues – While dealing with customers in any sort of business, sometimes the customer can become angry or abusive and put your word against theirs. Keep this pen in your pocket and tap the button anytime there is an issue to protect your rights and job.

Here's How It Works

See the silver clip on the pen? That’s actually switch that can slide up and down. When you push it downwards towards the tip, the power turns on and it starts recording. Push it back up, and your conversation is saved on the pen. 

If you aren’t talking while the pen is on, it goes into a sleep mode to save battery life. The moment it hears new sound, it starts recording a new file. This is great because it won’t tape unwanted silence. 

There’s a USB cable in the box so you can connect the pen to your computer. When you plug it in, a window opens that shows all the audio recordings you made. Play them with iTunes or your other media player, and then save them for the future or just delete it if you don’t want it. 


Capacity: 8GB

Frequency: 24Hz

Recording power: 7mA-12mA

Battery: 3.7V / 180mAh Lithium battery

Recording time: about 12 hours

 Package included:

1 x 8GB Recording pen

1 x Headphone cable

1 x USB Cable

2 x Pen Refill

1 x Manual