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Teeth Whitening Kit

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Do you wish you could have whiter, and brighter teeth, fast? Have you been disappointed by strips, toothpaste and other gels in the past?

This Is The Future Of Teeth Whitening

Imagine waking up every morning, and seeing yellow or stained teeth in the mirror. What would you do? 

I know most of us have tried different techniques, tricks, and products such as Crest, Colgate, and Listerine to whiten our teeth, and some of us have even spent thousands to whiten our teeth, but none of them lasted a long period of time or even worked. It is very important in choosing a quality product that is Innovative, and we did our research for months to find the best teeth whitener on the market.

Our Teeth Whitening Kit is a new technology that dentists, orthodontists, and celebrities all over the world have been using it to whiten their teeth fast, and it is the future of teeth whitening!

  “People all over the internet have been talking about the new

Oh Bright Teeth Whitening Kit.”


The  Teeth Whitening Kit is an Innovative, revolutionary teeth whitening LED light that helps you achieve faster, longer-lasting results, FAST!

A brilliant blue LED light illuminates your team and as it gently warms up it rapidly removes surface stains and also penetrates deep to lift out embedded stains. Your teeth will be white fast, and you can use it as often as needed to get the results you want!

The Teeth Whitening Kit is also safe, easy to use, and can be reused for unlimited treatments. The best part about it is that it delivers fast results and is easy to use, you can see results in as little as 2 days.

Package includes:

  • 10x whitening gel tubes (3 ml per tube)
  • 2 pcs of state-of-the-art thermoforming mouth trays
  • 6 pcs syringe tip protectors
  • 1 LED Light
  • 1 pcs professional 3D Tooth Shade Guide
  • 1 pcs English User Manual
  • This is for you if: You have Teeth stains from coffee, tobacco, genetic, tetracycline, food coloring, aging and other kind things that yellow the teeth. This especially for you if you smoke, chew tobacco, drink coffee, tea, or eat foods that cause coloring on your teeth.  
  • Main Ingredient: 35% Carbamide peroxide(equivalent to 10% hydrogen peroxide).
  • Other Ingredient: Deionized Water, Glycerin, Potassium Sorbate, EDTA, Polysorbate 20,  Triethanolamine,  Carbomer,  Flavor.
  • Security Level: Food Grade, Medical Grade.
  • Security Certification: CE,FDA.





Refer to the 3D Teeth Shade Guide to compare and determine the shade of your teeth.


Heat the mouth tray in 80℉ water and warm it up for about 10 seconds. Place the mouth tray over your teeth. With your fingers, gently put firmly press against the tray so that is molds to your teeth. Trim off any excess plastic for a better fit.


 Apply a thin layer of whitening gel from the syringes to both top and bottom mouth trays and spread evenly (0.25 to 0.4ml for each tray as any more is just wasted).


Insert mouth trays in your mouth and over your teeth. Set the trays firmly against your teeth.


Place the transparent rim of the light behind your lips then turn on the light and wear it for 20-30 minutes. Begin with shorter treatments to access teeth sensitivity level, especially if you're known to be prone to teeth sensitivity caused by heat.


Gently remove your mouth trays and rinse thoroughly with hot water to preserve it for the next treatment. Recap the syringe with a reusable tip to avoid whitening gel from being wasted or drying out. Store in a cool dry place. 


Use once a day as directed until you achieve desired results. Measure significant and noticeable results in just 3 days. Compare Before and After using the 3D Teeth Shade Guide.Depending on your starting shade, most report a shade improvement of 7-10 levels. 

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