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Fuel-Uss S400
1.2 Groups
2.11.8 Litre Boiler with 4 steam nozzles
3.Electric heating with safety thermostat
4.Espresso type Coffee Maker, Coffee machine
5.With CE
1. Original Italian water pump, flow meter and solenoid valve.

2. S.steel front and top panel / Toasted powder coating.

3. In-built rotary pump with balanced by-pass, CE UL NSF certificed .

4. Dual boiler system / Steam generator and coffee brewingseperated.

5. Automatic controled system. Continuous delivery push-button.

6. Electric heating with safety thermostat.

7. Steady 9 bar coffee brewing, 90.5°C temperature.

8. 2 group: 1 steam outlet, 1 coffee brewing holder, 1 water outlet.

9. Group with pre-infusion chamber for the best extraction of coffee

10. Over heat protection system, over pressure protection system. 
Voltage (V):220

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Fuel-Uss S400 Semi-Automatic Commercial Espresso Machine - accessories.uss

Fuel-Uss S400 Semi-Automatic Commercial Espresso Machine

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Our Best Rated Espresso Machine We have 220V And 110V


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Love this

"We bought this  for our new coffee shop and it works wonders glad I purchased fuel-uss.My employees love using this and its easy to use."

2 Birds With One Stone

"Got this for my house so i do not have to keep going to coffee places and can make my own espresso.Now i can save money."


"Glad they had financing this helped me allot with my financial issues.I could start my business without getting much loans."

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