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The 2 way baby monitor is very useful both for parents and for babies. The parents can hear the sound of the baby while the babies can hear the sound of the parents and this is why it is said as 2 way baby monitor. This is quite different from other types of monitors. The usual type of monitor has one way audio. This means that you can hear the motion and movements in your baby’s room but your baby cannot hear what you speak. In the 2 way baby monitor system, you simply can make remote talk to your baby through the transmitter you have in your hand. Hearing the sound and voice of the parent, the baby will calm down. So this is real help for both of them and you will feel that you are closer to your baby even when away.

The 2 way baby monitor helps you to move around the house and check on your baby without waking him. This gives you the freedom to watch television, listen to your favorite music or entertain your guests while still keeping an eye on your baby. Also you can perform your daily household chores, do exercise or sleep peacefully as you have a third eye to watch your baby. The 2 way baby monitor helps you to be assured of the safe health of your baby as it is designed keeping you and your baby‘s needs in mind.


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