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3D Printer kit 2020/2040

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● Please read and follow the user manual carefully before you assemble or operate the 3D printer. 
● Modification and customization of the 3D printer are strictly forbidden. We will take no responsibility for any problems resulting from modifications.
● Always use the correct AC voltage for your region.
● Please do not place the 3D printer near flammable / combustible materials, or any heat sources.
● Use the 3D printer only in properly ventilated areas. Maintain a safe distance from the printer.

2017 newest Tevo Tarantula 3d printer adopts stable 2020 and 2040 aluminum frames for printing quietly. It supports TF card off-line and multi-filaments printing, more convenient and you have more choices when printing. Besides, its high precision and large printing size provide better printing experience for you.

Main Features:
● Extremely simple assembly, high performance
● 2020 and 2040 aluminum frames, stable and quietness
● Extruded aluminum German V-groove ball bearing wheels 
● Large printing size 200 x 280 x 200mm with large heat bed
● With automatic platform leveling and height detection
● Multi-filaments compatibility with Tevo titan extruder.
● High accurate printing quality 50 microns
● Connection: SD card or USB
● Recommended extruder temperature: 210 - 240 Deg.C
● Heating plate temperature: 60 - 120 Deg.C ( proper winter warming and summer appropriate cooling )
● Best ambient temperature: 25 Deg.C
● Model: Tarantula + large heat bed + auto leveling sensor ( only the full black version is available of auto-leveling sensor )



  • Why not extruding at start of print?


    1. Extruder was not primed before beginning the print;

    2. Nozzle starts too close to the bed;

    3. The filament has stripped against the drive gear;

    4. The extruder is clogged.

  • Why not extruding enough plastic?


    1. Incorrect filament diameter;

    2. Increase the extrusion multiplier.

  • why there are holes and gaps in the top layers?


    1. Not enough top solid layers;

    2. Infill percentage is too low;

    3. Under extrusion.

  • Why stringing or oozing when printing?


    1. Retraction distance;

    2. Retraction speed;

    3. Temperature is too high;

    4. Long movements over open spaces;

    5. Movement speed.

  • Why the 3D printer always overheating?


    1. Insufficient cooling;

    2. Printing at too high of a temperature;

    3. Printing too fast;

    4. Try printing multiple parts at once.





Brand: Tevo 
Type: DIY 
Model: Tarantula 
Frame material: Aluminum 
Nozzle diameter: 0.4mm 
Product forming size: 200 x 280 x 200mm 
Print speed: Max 150mm/s 
Supporting material: ABS,Flexible Filaments,Nylon,PETG,PLA,PVA,Wood 
Material diameter: 1.75mm 
Language: English 
File format: G-code,STL 
XY-axis positioning accuracy: 0.012mm 
Z-axis positioning accuracy: 0.004mm 
Working Power: 250W 
System support: Windows, Linux, Mac 
Voltage Range: 110-220V

Dimensions and Weight

Product weight: 8.0000 kg 
Package weight: 10.0000 kg 
Product size: 43.00 x 43.00 x 40.00 cm / 16.93 x 16.93 x 15.75 inches 
Package size: 48.00 x 36.00 x 24.00 cm / 18.9 x 14.17 x 9.45 inches

Packing Contents

Packing Contents: 1 x Tevo Tarantula 3D Printer Kit with Assembly Tools, 1 x Tevo Titan Extruder, 1 x 8GB SD Card, 1 x English Assembly Instruction, 1 x USB 2.0 Bundle, 2 x Rolls of Free Filaments ( Colors Random )

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3D Printer kit 2020/2040