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3D Magnetic Eyelashes

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Who says glamorous lashes can’t look natural? The 3D Magnetic Eyelashes gives you luxurious length and volume, without that “false lash” effect. If you love the look of long, sexy, luxurious lashes — but hate putting in the work —3D Magnetic Lashes is a must-have beauty tool!

  • EFFORTLESS. Works in seconds, no glues or adhesives required.

  • BUDGE-PROOF. Your lashes will stay in place until you decide to take them off.
  • REUSABLE. One set is all you need for long-lasting results.

  • SAFE. No glue, no serum means no toxins — so you don't have to worry about damaging your natural lashes, or changing the color of your pupils.

  • AFFORDABLE. Enjoy the glamour of high-end, salon extensions, for a fraction of the cost.



The secret is our patented micro-magnetic technology, which lets you to look red-carpet ready in seconds.

Just sandwich each magnetic lash strip between your own natural lashes. You'll feel them click into place.

No more frustrating positioning problems of falsies, no more messy glue, sticky eyelids, or expensive trips to the salon.

And taking your lashes off is just as easy (this is the ONLY lash solution that doesn’t call for a special formula, makeup remover, or even water).

Simply put: 3D Magnetic Lashes is the ultimate time-saver!

But it’s not just easy-to-use… InstaLash beats other lash-enhancement options in EVERY category across the board:

  • Length
  • Volume
  • Quality
  • Cost
  • Convenience

Magnetic Natural Finish False Eyelashes

Magnetic Natural Finish False Eyelashes

Magnetic Natural Finish False Eyelashes

  • This pair of false eyelashes is powered by magnetic technology so it securely attaches in its ideal place. It doesn’t easily fall — unlike the regular eyelashes you were so used to wearing. And, with its luxurious length and volume, it even looks natural and feels light as a feather. No one will ever know that it’s false; you may even forget you’re wearing it! It’s that convenient.

  • This pair of Magnetic False Eyelashes is made of black synthetic fiber with no harmful chemicals so it’s safe to use daily. Don’t miss out on it! It’s the most in-demand pair of eyelashes in the market today.
  • Reusable: When properly cared and stored, these magnetic eyelashes can be reused again and again, saving you the money to buy tons of false lashes.
  • Irritation-Free: Our glue-free design will not cause any irritation to your eyes nor damage to your natural eye lashes.
  • 100% Handmade, Cruelty-Free: These magnetic eyelashes are 100% handmade. Get ready to fall in love with this magical tool for your flawless look! Trim the ends to fit your preferred length, and you’re all set.

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