Drum-Uss Electric Drum set is here!!!

Top Notch Electric Drum Set

  • The integrated drum sounds of the Drum-Uss Set cover svarious music genres such as rock, blues, jazz, metal, electronic and more. In creating these kits we took advice from accomplished professional drummers in addition to sampling sounds from some legendary popular kits that have been the signature sound of many popular artists over the years.

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the latest innovation in electronic drum kit.Our new innovative design structure makes the Drum-Uss Set the lightest and most compact complete drum kit on the market today.

Product Specifications:

Maximum Polyphony 64 voices
Display backlit LCD
Instruments 232
Kits 50 (user 25, factory 25)
Demo songs 20
Interface SD card (MIDI file supported) USB-MIDI
Record 10 sets
Metronome built in
Triggers input Kick , Snare, Tom1, Tom2 ,Tom3, Hi-Hat , Crash 1, Crash 2 , Ride
Connectors Phones Jack(stereo 3.5mm phone type) Output Jacks(L(MONO),R)Aux in Jack (stereo 3.5mm phone type)AC input Jack (DC 9V)

The brand new innovative structural design of the Drum-Uss Set makes it one of the smallest compact electronic drum sets available. You can easily find a spot for it in any corner of your house, fit it in the trunk of your car for easy transport and never have to worry about where you can set up when a gig calls for close quarters of the band.

customers testimonials

I played the drums for many years growing up. Haven't lived somewhere that I could own a kit because of the noise levels in some time. Haven't wanted to drop thousands on an electric kit. This kit was tempting at it's price point. I was hesitant thinking it would be too toy like. I've missed playing so I took a chance. I'm really impressed at how legit this thing is. It's pretty rugged. Feels like playing real drums.

By Maurice Jackson

Bought this unit for my 16 year old daughter. She loves it. Uses it daily - teaching herself how to use the drums. Have listened to her from speakers and she is quite impressive!!! One of the best purchases I have made for her. The only purchase that she uses multiple times every day...

By David A Love

I got it for Christmas present to my son. He plays the guitar and the piano, so this would be an addition to my little musician, I thought myself. Since he does not like loud sounds, I figured this could be another instrument for him to play with the option of controlling volume and not being also as loud.

By Andrea Brown


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