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Advantages Of An Indoor Spin Bike


Resistance and brake knob--Though a simple knob, you can adjust the resistance easily and brake quickly.


Electric display with pulse-- Display time, speed, distance, calories, scan.


Ā Adjustable seat and handbars-- Offer maximum comfort for your workout.

Smooth Workout

Ā 13 kgs flywheel--13kgs flywheel coupled with a smooth belt to ensure a smooth workout.

Transport Wheels

Ā Built-in transport wheels-- you can easily move your bike around the room, or your home.


Exercising And The ConvenientĀ  In Your Own Home

What Our Customers Say About Bike-Uss?

Cameron Reid

Travel Enthusiast

I am a road rider but wanted a spin bike for the house. The gym classes are fun during the winter when unsafe roads keep me off the streets, but it's a hassle to fit my schedule around theirs. After searching and finding Bike-Uss I have loved using their bike everyday and now i dont have to wait for the bike classes that dont fit my schedule.

Frances Castro


I was an avid spinner and took classes at my gym until they suddenly shut down on me. I need my daily cardio, and running on pavement everyday is really too much for my joints so I figured I'd just buy my own spin bike. Unlike ellipticals and treadmills, spin bikes don't require extra electricity (my house doesn't have much more wattage power to spare), and don't require huge amounts of space. This One I Picked Out Was really Good Especially For The Price

Alexander Ortiz

Fitness Coach

I'm a spinning Coach but currently focusing on other formats. Because of this, I decided to purchase a decent spin bike. I absolutely recommend this bike!!!

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